Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vintage finds and treasures

I have a slight love affair with all things antique and vintage. Every time I walk into a vintage or antique shop I fall for every little piece and the millions of stories that could be attached to the item. Through my search, I only invite really special pieces to come into my home. Some pieces I’ve found in vintage shops in near the homes I’ve lived in or they have been handed down to me from family members.

The Marie Antionette style Champagne glasses were handed down to me when my great- grandmother passed. I have wonderful memories of New Year's Eve at her house and all the adults drinking champagne out of these glasses. Something about their shape makes me feel like I'm straight out of Great Gatsby or Marie Antionette. When paired with a silver tray like shown, sets up the perfect atmosphere for a party.

The glass salt cellars to left I found at a vintage shop in Metamora, Indiana. They are so small and I think they add so much to a place setting. When ever I visit a vintage or antique shop I look for their salt cellars. They come in so many different varieties and are so fun. I haven't done it yet, but I often wonder if I added a wick and some wax if they would make the most amazingly elegant tealight.

Monday, June 11, 2012


 One of my favorite websites is Spoonflower. It is  great place for crafters to create their own or check out artists and their designs. You can create your own for yourself or use the site to sell your designs to others. I love being able to make custom fabrics and use them for personalized projects. Here are a few of my designs.
My Spoonflower Shop

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Engagement Announcement

Every couple announces their engagement differently. Anymore you know when anyone is engaged because of facebook. Then the question is poised for the bride to be... To post a photo of the ring or not? After a few months of thinking this over I decided to post a photo of my engagement ring on facebook. Here is what I posted. The love earring is from Anthropologie. I am going to be wearing the earrings at our wedding. I love how this photo turned out.