Thursday, June 7, 2012

Farmer's Market Inspired Table Setting

I like to do a nice grown up dinner once or twice a week. Most of the time we’re rushed with school or work and instead of hiring a babysitter to go out we enjoy date night at home. For this date night I was inspired by summer and our local farmer’s market. I grabbed a small variety of flowers from the Farmer’s Market. I wanted flowers that looked the most like wildflowers. If I had a farm and grew wild flowers I would have picked my own. Sadly, no farm for us yet. I took the flowers and cut them down and used mason jars as vases. I split up the different types of flowers and filled to quart sized mason jars. I currently have a small obsession with mason jars so I have all different sizes. I put candles in the smaller sized mason jars. You can find these jars in any grocery store in the baking aisle. I set natural colored placemats at two seats and used our leaf pattern plates. I like simple table settings. Look at my Farmer’s Market Menu post for the food shown. Happy Entertaining!

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